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What We Offer: Services


TAMID Group’s program is designed to offer experiential business learning. Beginning with an interactive classroom curriculum, the program soon progresses to give members hands-on experience with companies in the heart of the startup nation.



Once accepted to TAMID Group, new members embark on an 8-week education program that prepares them to contribute to a consulting or investing team. With an emphasis on practical, experiential learning, the education program is hardly like sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture. New members are challenged on a weekly basis in workshops and competitions, as they delve into a variety of fields within consulting, investing and entrepreneurship.



TAMID Group Consulting provides pro-bono advisory services to the most exciting and innovative Israeli companies. Our consultants work directly with founders and C-suite executives to build capabilities that allow startups to thrive in an ever-changing context. Selected prior engagements include Gett, and El Al Israel Airlines.

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The Tech Track provides students the opportunity to work with a group of peers on a semester-long software engineering project for an Israeli Startup. The projects and their topics change every semester, and the goal is for students to gain a greater exposure to project structure within the industry. We prioritize learning about what the SWE experience is like, so that students can apply what they learn in classes in a real world application.  In the past, our team members have worked with startups like PostPro and Substrata doing projects in app development and machine learning respectively. Our current project is with a legal tech company, doing some website work as well as working with large datasets. We also place a heavy emphasis upon exposure to different fields within Tech to help students make educated career choices!



TAMID Investment Fund actively manages an equity investment portfolio utilizing a disciplined approach through both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Our chapter competes in an organization-wide trading competition, giving each member’s research a national impact. Our Investment Fund also facilitates ongoing financial education, with guidance from faculty and professional investors.



The TAMID Group Fellowship is a competitive, 8-week summer internship program that provides outstanding TAMID Group leaders with the opportunity to work with host companies in Israel while living in Tel Aviv. Fellows learn about Israel’s dynamic economy by participating in speaker events and workshops with Israeli business leaders in high-tech, venture capital and more. Fellows also participate in day and overnight trips around the country to experience the culture of Israel first-hand.



TAMID Pro allows former TAMID students to continue engaging with TAMID after graduation. As a TAMID member, you will have access to our rapidly growing network of approximately 2,000 Pros.

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